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  • Protecting Public Safety

    Henry is an expert on border security and homeland security. His ability to bridge the gap between local law enforcement and DHS has resulted in millions in funding for local public safety programs.

  • A Friend to Farmers

    As the son of migrant workers and former member of the Agriculture Committee, Henry knows the importance of Agriculture and Agricultural trade to families in the 28th District and the national economy.

  • Inspiring Future Leaders

    Henry quizzes elementary school kids on American History.

  • Prioritizing Education

    A life-long advocate for education, Henry and his wife, Imelda, go over homework assignments with their daughters.

The Latest from Henry

Cuellar Helps to Reduce Methane Gas Emissions in Shale Formations

April 21, 2016

Congressman Henry Cuellar was successful in including language and funds into the Fiscal Year 2017 House Energy and Water Appropriations bill that would limit methane gas emissions from flaring and

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Legislation introduced for tax savings for FFA, 4-H student projects

April 21, 2016

The Montana Farm Bureau is urging Congressional support for S. 2774, the Agriculture Student EARN Act.

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Fearing end of 'wet foot, dry foot policy,' Cubans fleeing to U.S. in record numbers

April 21, 2016

WASHINGTON (AP) –  While more than 50 years of enmity between the United States and Cuba is slowly vanishing, the renewed relationship is raising concerns among some on the communist island nation

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COLOMBIA: Fuga de cubanos continúa pese a nueva relación con Estados Unidos

April 20, 2016

El Universal / Al disiparse lentamente medio siglo de hostilidad entre Estados Unidos y Cuba, la nueva relación genera temores entre algunos en la isla comunista de que Washington

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JECA Student Gets Appointment to AF Academy

April 19, 2016

Jaci Dillemuth is making as much of her time at Judson Early College Academy as possible.

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