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  • Protecting Public Safety

    Henry is an expert on border security and homeland security. His ability to bridge the gap between local law enforcement and DHS has resulted in millions in funding for local public safety programs.

  • A Friend to Farmers

    As the son of migrant workers and former member of the Agriculture Committee, Henry knows the importance of Agriculture and Agricultural trade to families in the 28th District and the national economy.

  • Inspiring Future Leaders

    Henry quizzes elementary school kids on American History.

  • Prioritizing Education

    A life-long advocate for education, Henry and his wife, Imelda, go over homework assignments with their daughters.

The Latest from Henry

Hazardous Material Crossing

June 13, 2016

LAREDO, TEXAS The proposed landfill to be constructed in Webb County continues to be a debated issue.

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99 percent satisfaction at TSA? Congressman questions agencies’ customer service data

June 8, 2016

Agencies are too selective about what they choose to include — and omit — in their quarterly customer service reports on,

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C-SPAN Washington Journal Visits Gateway City

June 8, 2016

LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - The nation had their eyes on Laredo these past two days during C-SPAN's Washington Journal Broadcast held on the border.

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New federal building still a possibility

June 4, 2016

Plans for a new federal courthouse in McAllen appear to be on track after Congressman Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, met with the chairman of a committee essential to the process.

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Rep. Cuellar Wants to Change the Law Giving Cuban Border-Crossers 'Pure Amnesty'

June 2, 2016

( - It's time to change the Cuban Adjustment Act, which gives automatic amnesty -- and taxpayer assistance -- to the tens of thousands of Cubans who are making their way to U.S.

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