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The Wall Street Journal calls him “a pro-growth Member [of Congress] in the John F. Kennedy mold.” The Dallas Morning News says he's "one of the seven best Texas legislators." The San Antonio Express-News says, “Cuellar has worked hard and demonstrated an independent nonpartisan mind-set,” and also notes that “Cuellar's willingness to place his district ahead of his political party is refreshing.” The Ft. Worth Star Telegram says "How does he do it?" calling him "one of the hardest-working lawmakers on Capitol Hill."

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Born as one of eight children to migrant farm workers in Laredo, Texas, Congressman Cuellar was raised with strong family values and an unwavering work ethic to attain an advanced education. As the most degreed member of Congress, he points to education as the platform for his two decades of public service in Texas.

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