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Henry Cuellar has a proven record of getting things done. An expert on border security, international trade, energy, and job creation. The son of migrant workers, Henry worked his way through college washing dishes and became the most degreed member of Congress. In this campaign his priorities are increasing access to health care and lowering prescription drug prices, protecting local jobs, stopping Trump and his border wall, and supporting our local public schools. As a senior, respected member of Congress, Henry has delivered tens of millions to address local priorities. Henry has established a reputation for bringing common sense to Congress and always puts the families he represents first.



His opponent? She only moved from New York City to the district 5 months ago after being recruited by a special interest PAC who is funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars in dark money to her campaign. She is supported by out of state special interest groups who will kill our local economy. She opposes NAFTA and USMCA and supports a plan that would raise taxes on the Middle Class, kill 2 million healthcare jobs, and kill over 108,000 energy jobs in our area. These job cuts would force the layoff of hundreds of teachers and force an increase in property taxes. She supports $150 TRILLION in new spending that would raise taxes, and supports policies that would harm the small and family-owned businesses that supply 3 in 4 local jobs.



Born as one of eight children to migrant farm workers in Laredo, Texas, Congressman Cuellar was raised with strong family values and an unwavering work ethic to attain an advanced education. As the most degreed member of Congress, he points to education as the platform for his two decades of public service in Texas.

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