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Army unloads Jersey barriers

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - After an announcement made by President Trump to send the U.S. Army to the Mexico border in response to the migrant caravan traveling through Mexico, the soldiers have arrived.

The president spoke to reporters outside the White House on October 31st; nearly two weeks later, the troops arrived in Laredo.

During last week’s City Council meeting, Customs and Border Protection mentioned that it had requested assistance from the Department of Defense.

During the meeting Gregory Alvarez with CBP stated, “DHS sent out that request to DOD for assistance, DOD is working on that request in providing a lot of logistical support for us.”

Congressman Henry Cuellar says the move does not have complete support from other representatives.

President Trump has sent the active military with some of us disagreeing.

There’s already the National Guard helping Border Patrol.

Cuellar says the purpose of the armed forces at the border has a different intent than what it seems.

The congressman says what the president is trying to do is show the American public that the military is out guarding the border; however, they are just going to provide some support services such as setting up barriers in our city.

Cuellar adds that kind of task could be left to the National Guard.

Customs and Border Protection says what has been seen in Rio Grande Valley is what’s planned for other areas.

Customs and Border Protection has released a statement regarding the arrival of the troops saying, “The Jersey barriers, barricades and fencing offloaded by Department of Defense personnel near the former import lot at the Lincoln-Juarez Bridge in Laredo are part of the materials requested by CBP under Operation Secure Line to harden our ports of entry.”



Published: November 11, 2018